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Dasa Systems

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1Dasa Systems Empty Dasa Systems on Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:48 pm


Dasa systems are a hallmark of Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology has hundreds of dasa system. Each dasa system divides one’s life into periods, sub-periods, sub-sub-periods and so on. All the periods are ruled by different planets or rasis. Some dasa systems are planet-based and some are rasi-based. Each dasa system is good at showing events of a specific nature. For each dasa system, we have some standard rules, based on which we analyze the natal chart and attribute different results to different periods and sub-periods. Each dasa system comes with rules for dividing one’s life into periods and sub-periods and rules for attributing different results to different periods, based on the planetary positions in the natal chart. These periods are called “dasas” or “mahadasas” (MD). Sub-periods are called “antardasas” (AD). Sub-sub-periods are called “pratyantardasas” (PD).

Some dasas are good at showing matters related to longevity and death. They are called “ayur dasas” (dasas of longevity). Some dasas are good at showing general results. They are called “phalita dasas” (dasas of general results).

Mind is a very important part of our existence and Moon governs it. Some dasas are computed based on the nakshatra occupied by Moon and they are called “nakshatra dasas”. Some dasas are based on the rasis occupied by planets and they are called “rasi dasas”.


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