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How we benefit (materially) from Pitru Ancestral Beings

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"Poorva punya" is the shakti that results from one's good deeds in past births. Such "punniyam" is one of the reasons one "gets" assets and happy relationships in one's life. But there is another component to this that one must know.

Ancestor Fortnight = a good time to assimilate the important lesson that one's wealth, position, comforts, spouse, children, happiness, etc. are not just because of one's "poorvapunya" but also because of the "poorvapunya" resulting from the good deeds of one's pitru ancestors.

Ancestor fortnight = a time period when two kinds of worship happen:

(i) the exalted pitru ancestral beings come to earth to worship at the pitru mukti ancestor salvation sacred spaces and

(ii) Humans do tharpanam and other worship procedures for the exalted pitru ancestral beings.
KARMA Reduction during the Pitru Paksha

This two pronged worship procedure - tharpanam + feeding the poor - on each of the 15 days of this fortnight - can seriously help reduce one's karma burden.

The Ancestor Fortnight is one of the special times of the year when one's karmic burden can be reduced in significant ways through the above mentioned two-pronged worship procedure. So, if you want this benefit, you have to do this two-pronged worship yourself. Others cannot do it for you.


Dear Aarti

Can you tell me how to find out Pitru doshas? and how to perform the Pitru Karmas???

Thanks in advance


Namaste, as I know, I'm not eligible to do Pitru Tharpanam because my father is alive. Can you advise me also how to please Manes (Dead Ancestors) in my situation?



For pitru dosha , you can consult an astrologer.
For Performing pitru karmas , you can read the article ,Pitripaksha and Mahalaya Amavasya.

Thanks& regards





Thanks& Regards

6How we benefit (materially) from Pitru Ancestral Beings Empty REMEDIES FOR PITRA DOSHA on Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:13 pm


Remedies for Pitra dosha

* Perform SHRADDH. Shraddh is the ritual and ceremony performed for the departed souls of our ancestors. According to ancient texts, the Shraddh is performed during dark fortnight ( Krishna Paksh ) in the month of Ashwin ( September n October ) which reaches to the ancestors immediately and their souls will rest in peace. On the last day of the fortnight, i.e. Amavasya oblations are offered to all those dead ancestors whose Tithi ( Date according to Hindu Calendar) of death is not known.

* NARAYAN BALI PUJA is one of the most effective remedy for Pitra Dosha. This puja is performed only at few prescribed places such as (1) Tryambakeshwar in Nasik, (2) Chandod near Dabhoi near Vadodara in Gujarat, (3) Kala Hasti in Tamil Nadu and (4) Haridwar.

* On any Somwati Amavasya (when the Amavasya falls on Monday), go to Pipal tree. Offer one janeu to the tree and second janeu to Lord Vishnu. Then do 108 Parikrama of tree. While doing Parikrama, chant the mantra Om Namo Bhaagvate Vaasudevaay and offer a sweet to the tree with each Parikrama. After finishing the Parikrama, again pray to the Pipal tree and Lord Vishnu and ask forgiveness.

* Feed crows and fish with ricemixed with gee and made into balls on every Saturday.

* One should take a vow to provide unconditional services to parents and elders. This helps in getting the grace of ancestors.

* Good behavior and charity to needy persons is necessary. Good behavior to persons who are in our service is also necessary. Both of these are recommended for removing the "pitra dosha"

* Worshiping Lord Vishnu is recommended because all the souls ultimately merge into the great entity of Lord Vishnu. This merger is called "mukti".

* Worship of any "Samarth Sadguru" like "Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi" will also be helpful because Sadguru's are like beacon lights who guide us towards the great divinity of the Almighty.
* According to the Vishnu Dharma Shastra, Amavasya is the day for the pitrus, or souls of the forefathers. This day is dedicated to the remembrance or worship of the forefathers.So try to feed a brahmin on every Amavasya.

Thanks& Regards


Thank you for interesting information. I study both Hindu and ancient Russian traditions, and came to conclusion that both traditons are definitely very close and similar, because our traditions have the same ancient Indo-European (Aryan) roots.

Unfortunately our ancient Russian tradition was nearly completely destroyed by 1000 years of christian rule, just like muslim invaders in India tried to destroy all Vedic temples, sacred scriptures, kill Brahmins etc. So now everyone who wants to come back to native Vedic religion and culture have to learn much from our Indian brethrens, because only Indian Brahmins have preserved ancient culture in full volume.

In our ancient Russian tradition we also have for example Winter Solstice days - one of the most important holidays in our national tradition - full of celebraton, fun, tasty food, fortune-tellings, magical practices, very similar to a Celtic Samain. We place everywhere a dolls-"Murtis" of a God Rod-Veles (identical to Lord Rudra-Shiva) and a Goddess, burn sacred bonfires and also during this holy days, when the borders between the World of the living humans and the World of the Dead are very thin, we offer a tasty food, light lamps and candles etc to attract and to please the departed celestial ancestors (I think that's identical to Shraddh ceremony)

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