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Monthly Predictions - November 2011

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1Monthly Predictions - November 2011 Empty Monthly Predictions - November 2011 on Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:34 pm


Predictions / Forecast for Moon Sign from 01-Nov-2011 to 30-Nov-2011

Mesham - (Aires)
Some of you will get a good rise in career and potential to perform and shine. Since a sign of absorbing techniques grows, you will shine in your field of activity. For those are lacking with a Kid, signs are favorable. Keep fingers crossed during Chandrashtamam period. If in a thought of purchasing fixed assets, go before the 3rd week of the month, as last week is unfavourable. Care should be taken while walking on the thorns and bushes. Speculation shall be favorable. Control your unnecessary desires during the entire month. Chant of Aditya Hridaya Slokas gives relief.

Rishabam - (Taurus)
Be happy as the month is giving high returns and bank balance rises. Good health is foreseen during the first two weeks. Indications for good job prospects for jobless are foreseen. As your intelligence gets sharpened, you can avoid major disputes with co-workers, family members and can focus on the need of the spouse. Business people will have high earnings and good returns. Indigestion will be a little concern during this month, but with little medication will go good. Persons engaged in Machineries should be totally cautious. In total this month will be month be making things possible, which is considered as impossible by others.

Mithunam - (Gemini)
A month of rejoice from the kids and learn things from them. Purchase of gold ornaments and other needed things for home are on the pipeline. Subordinates will help in time of need, which shall even be from political side. Some will have good position in job, while teachers are praised this month. Students come with flying colors in their studies. Those who are on wedding line, can see a favorable sign of engagement. Interactions with spouse and kids will be good for a apt and a good decision making.

Katakam (Cancer)
A month of little worries, with healthy disorders are foreseen. No major decisions shall be taken if at all it is most necessary, which may lead to confusions. Workload will be a burden, for which your execution techniques should be totally applied. Beware of partners if engaged in partnership business. Keep an eye on accounts and financial transactions. Family life is happy and good. Avoid fear and proceed on a normal way of living during this month. Some may have a chance to purchase vehicles of their choice.

Simham - (Leo)
Have a safe journey while traveling. Recreation will be more with family and friends during the month. Your thoughts will be high in family way of living during first 2 weeks. Avoid heated disputes at workspot. Promotion will be expected for those who are on the pipeline. Stock the materials you need in engaged in business, as prices of your raw materials are likely to shoot up. Who are expecting a baby, don’t fear, this month is auspicious and so go ahead and plan for the dates for union. Performing pooja and homa during the month on your birth star will have good effect on physical and mental plane.

Kanya - (Virgo)
Mixed trends will prevail during the entire month. The second half of the month is a period of rejoicing with the good physical health. If planned for shifting residence, go ahead during 2nd fortnight of the month. Limit your talks with friends and family, and safeguard yourself from unwanted blamings. If you’re a good Chef, then precaution is needed. Some expecting abroad visits, can expect the same to happen. Be flexible during the entire month. Disputes to many of the Virgo born will settle down amicably. Investments in stocks / shares / debuntures should be totally avoided. Businessmen will have good days of turnover, and have their bank balance increased. Worship Lord Shiva during Thursdays from 6-7 am, which energize you the whole month.

Thula - (Libra)
A month of good thoughts and action. All your plans executed properly will yield good results, which increases your popularity and influence. Beware, you may be cheated and looted. A tiresome journey makes you dull during month end, but cheer up. Some have to move away from relations due to heated arguments. Some will have good Party and Outings with family and friends. Those dreaming commanding positions, their dreams comes true. Your imaginations during the entire month will be good. Journalists can turn their imaginations to good, and shine in their field. Businessmen engaged in Land business will have good returns. Financial crunches will be solved to many during the month.

Vrichiga - (Scorpio)
Not exactly a down trend, but a slowdown in your activities are foreseen during the month. Physical and Mental rest is absolutely necessary for Scorpions. Avoid over stress and strain. Be normal during the entire month. You can be able to fulfill your carnal desires. Focus on your family requirements and fulfill them during auspicious occasions. Avoid friendship with new and unknown persons. Partners in business will create unnecessary problems, which has to be tackled. Avoid hotel and party foods, which causes indigestion and stomach pain. Unwanted travels should be avoided. Some have high interest in purchase of perfumes and cosmetics. Students have to concentrate more on their studies to secure good marks.

Dhanusu -(Sagittarius)
High returns are more expected. Lavish spending on outings/foods be avoided. Day-do-day activities will be normal. Keep ears open, while you are advised by your dear ones. First 2 weeks will be rejoicing than the other half. You will have a splendid period during the first half of the month. Those expecting a change of place, will work out during the month of favorable period. Silence is the best medicine, practice it at work place. Those on the eager of marriage, hold on, your dreams are to be fulfilled during the end of the month. Help of Sagittarians will be needed by others, hence don’t deny help to others. Some planning to change their scooter/car will change it for sure. Sagittarians in Media will shine this month. Take care in driving to avoid accidents. Worship of Lord Muruga will gain more peace on Mental plane.

Makara - (Capricorn)
Financial crunches will get away. New income will flood in. Business people will have more investment in business for expansion. Students will shine in studies. Overall prosperity is expected for Capricorns during the month. Disputes will settle down, success is foreseen. Real estate owners will have high gain on their transactions. Some expecting on charity work, will do so. Don’t forget your visit to the temple you planned few months back. It’s the time to visit, and time is nearing to complete your prayers. Take care in handling knife. Family will be united before end of the last month. Party / Meetings / Gatherings will be a part to enjoy at times. Don’t miss it. If Pitru Karma is due, do not forget to perform. It paves the way for your future goodness. DO NOT stand surety or guarantee for any of your friends or relatives. If Yes, you will burn your own finger. Beware.

Kumba - (Aquarius)
Increase in emoluments, which is long due is on the way. Transport facility will not be a constraint for a right Aquarians. Avoid disputes with co-workers, and also with spouse. Sub-ordinates will co-operate in your work environment. Some on the desire to purchase ornaments / house-hold essentials, can proceed during this month to purchase. Those desiring to unite with family, especially with parents will have opportunity to meet them. Students will excel in studies and other activities. Women in general will have good support from nearby. Some will attain Name & Fame for their extra-ordinary efforts put in by them. Researches will release their talents and subjects. Businessmen are advised to stock materials for their future requirements. Chanting Kanda Sashti Kavasam will enhance your stability of living conditions.

Meena - (Pisces)
All your loans are repaid, inflow of money, relief from financial crunches are foreseen. Success – which is expected long back in your work environment is achieved during the month. Believe that higher-ups are planning all your career-graph for your change of place / job / promotion. All litigations with friends, family, co-staff will settle amicably. Avoid participating in family functions organized unknowingly, which may reduce your personal weightage. Those who are in need of a child, can plan this month accordingly. People in Film industry / Media / Coverage will be happy during the entire month. Avoid climbing staircase, which may lead to leg injury. Engage drivers during long distance travels. Students are advised to keep the same tempo of concentration on their studies. Chant Rudram & Chamakam, if not possible, offer food to poor people to the extent possible. Their blessings will make your dream come true.


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