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Definition of Karma

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1Definition of Karma Empty Definition of Karma on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:44 am


Definition of Karma:

1. Katyayana- ‘Karma to be done in prescribed time, if not done, should at least be done in other time (gouna kala). Other secondary time is equal to the prescribed time.

2. In Smritiratnavali- ‘The time after the time prescribed for a karma is ‘gouna kala’ (secondary time). Some think that the prescribed time for the next karma should be treated as ‘gouna kala’ similar to the intermediate time. The prescribed karma should be done at least during these ‘gouna kalas’. Prayaschitta should then be done as specified. Without Prayaschitta, karma should not be done in ‘gouna kala’. If karma to be done during daytime has been neglected, it should be done in the first ‘yama’ of the night. In prescribed time, if required material is not available, is material important or time important? Taking time as important, karma should be done with ‘gouna’ (available substitute) material. For the sake of prescribed material, one should not resort to ‘gouna kala’.

1. In Skandam- ‘Self (Atma), son, Purohit, brother, wife, father, friend- these are representatives in yagas and dharmas. Karma done by them is same as done by oneself.

2. In Sangraham- ‘Karmas prescribed for daytime may be done till close of the first ‘yama’ of the night. But brahmayagnam and surya pooja cannot be done like this.’

3. Katyayana- ‘Where no body part has been specified for a karma, know that such karmas must be done with right hand.’

4. Manu- ‘In unclean acts like ‘soucham’(cleansing), left hand should be used and in pure karmas like achamanam, right hand shall be used. All karmas should be done in Pradakshina’ (circumambulatory) manner wearing yagnopavita. Where it is not specified that karma should be done standing, sitting or bending down, then it should done sitting only; not standing or bending.’

5. Katyayana- ‘Where direction is not specified for japa, homa etc., karma should be done facing east or north or northeast (Isana).’


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