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Thiru Sakthi Mutram Shiva Temple

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1Thiru Sakthi Mutram Shiva Temple Empty Thiru Sakthi Mutram Shiva Temple on Fri Dec 23, 2011 8:58 am


6 kms from Kumbakonam; next street to Patteeswaram Durgai/Dhenupureeswarar temple. Sivakozhundheeswarar with Periyanayakai amman, Theertham is Soola theerthamand One of the 275 Thevara Padal petra sthalams.
Parvathi devi did penance standing in one leg and the Lord appeared as a huge column of fire (Jyotiswaroopam) in front of her. Knowing that the Jyotiswaroopam is nothing but the Lord Himself, she embraced Him and hence the names Sivakkozhundeeswarar and Sakthi Mutham. This place was once called as Rajarajapuram.
Sthala Vinayagar is Vallaba Vinayagar. A separate shrine of Parvathi devi penancing in one leg and embracing Shiva in linga roopam is in front of the main shrine. This shrine is very special for marriage prayers. The main lingam has the traces of agni in it. The shrines for Natarajar and the Sarabeswarar are of importance here. Thirunavakkuarasar was asked by Shiva to go to nearby Nallur to get deeksha from Him.

Sekkizhar has mentioned about Shiva of this place in his book Periya puranam.


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