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2012 - Starwise Yearly Predictions

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12012 - Starwise Yearly Predictions Empty 2012 - Starwise Yearly Predictions on Sat Dec 24, 2011 8:59 am


Overall the year will be unexpected ups and downs with major expenditure and quarrelsome with friends and relatives. Purchase of fixed properties will fructify. Care should be taken on health issues during first half of the year. Disputes in many areas are foreseen. Students may face laziness, Women will have uterus and menstrual disorders. Employees face displeasure from the boss.

Intelligent Bharani peoples good turnover during the 2nd half of the year. Purchase of Flat/Plot is for sure. Stress will be a major concern to all Bharani born. Differences of opinion in work force and among friends are foreseen. Those who are on the pipeline for wedding knots are succeeded. Avoid purchases during 1st half of the year. Women are advised not to quarrel with their partners. Students can foresee that their desires to get admitted in their choice of education.

Except for 1st Quarter, other born on Rishaba Raasi (Taurus moonsign) will have successful period of life during the year. But transfers to unwanted places are foreseen to all quarters. Business may be little down, unexpected expenditure of money are all foreseen. Women to take care of health, else leads to abortion too. Uncomfortable environment at work place are foreseen. Beware of your purse. Students may secure low marks due to some disturbances in studies.

Soft spoken Rohini born can foresee bright future during the second half of the year. All disputes are settled amicably and favourably. Real estate, businessmen, employees all face a good trend during 2nd half, even though first half may be disturbed one. Students come with flying colours. Women foresee a good name and fame among the surroundings. Stress and Strain may sometime pop up due to mental worries. Chant Hanuman chalisa at free times.

Energetic Mrugaseera born can see an year of encouragement. All legal matters comes to an end with no disputes. Some need surgical intervention in some parts of the body, but not to panic much. In total, the entire period is so good for all. Women find difficulty in menstrual cycles, who are at the stage of menopause, which may lead to stomach pain. All opening will be disappointed one, but ends favourable. Students face smooth education and some gets scholarship education too.

Successive year for Arudra born during the first half. All the plans made up are successful and all litigations are ended. Overall prosperity during 1st half of the period. Encouraging situations foreseen in the work place. Some can foresee separations in the family. Childrens create worry sometimes. Speculation is good, businessmen face labour trouble, untimely meals leads to Ulcer, etc are in general. Students will come up in flying colours in all the competitive exams. Karmic way of living gives total mental relief.

Punarvasu born can foresee good beginning in the 1st half. But 2nd half is not so as promising. Some can see purchases of fixed properties. Some can foresee foreign trips during first half. Women are advised to be more cautions in health issues. Employees find a smooth sailing in the their professions. Students should strive hard to attain success. Minor issues on health to be taken care of immediately.

Intelligent are the Pushyam people with good experiences around the year. 2nd half are happy with a great change in life as expected. Income will be high, and expenditure will be less. Promotions are likely, who were denied earlier. All favours are foreseen in workplace, surroundings, friends and relatives. Children have happy parents this year. Take care of chronic aliments. Re-union of couples are foreseen. Conjugual benefits are high, students wins all the exams, recognition for your work is approved, etc., are the situations for the entire year. So Go ahead, this is the year for you Pushyamis.

Clever and Resourceful born Ashlesha are always fast in actions. 2nd half is totally a relaxed year. 1st half with full of tensions and worries, due to increase in work load. But joyous situations are foreseen due to fulfilment of all your desires in family, workplace, surroundings, friends, etc. Relief from health issues will be a plus point to you. No major health issues are foreseen. Name is achieved due to involvement of social activities and helping nature. Beware while you carry cash, it may be looted. Students cheer up in their field of study. Women who are expecting a new addition in the family, can expect a new baby soon.

(for other stars, please wait a few days....)


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