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Karma Theory - Mutual Integration

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1Karma Theory - Mutual Integration Empty Karma Theory - Mutual Integration on Fri Dec 23, 2011 8:48 am


Astrology is a science of lights. All modern scientist accepted that the light effects the human mind. Man behaviour changes according to the nature of thinking. Man thinks according to the effect of planetary lights in various bhavas at the time of birth. But it is not possible to implement all the ideas. At the time of implementing those ideals, social status, law and fear from good and bad deeds play important role.

Spiritual effort is needed to get the scholarliness. One can get victory with his thinking power. But this power is badly affected if one does not get the good results, by this the person may lose his confidence. Society does not respect the persons who behave as they like. Independence means the ideas which come to the person, think about them with social laws, science and experience then implement it with carefulness.

Karma is of three (3) types.

1) Prarabda Karma (As a result of previous karma. To overcome not at all easy)

2) Sanchita karma (Work done in previous time and now stored)

3) Agami Karma (Fruitful in coming future)

By doing the good works we may change our Agami Karma. By doing the good works we may change our Agami Karma. By doing some remedies we may clear the bad Sanchitha Karma. When the bad time comes the bad result also starts. The remedies what we are following at that particular time is similar to taking the medicines after getting illness. Identify the Bad Karmas through Horoscope / Chart well in advance by Ashtavarka Methods and decide the percentage of bad results and estimate the effort in social and spiritual levels. With this Bad Karma / Bad effects can be controlled.

For the previous work results, present days work is most useful. Present karmas is useful to eliminate the previous bad karmas and yield good results (Good karmas). By this, the Karma theory and astrology both have the inter relationships but not opposite.

Varahimihira in Laghu Jataka describes as

yadupachita manya janmani subhasubham tasya karmanaha panktim
vyanjayati sastrametat tamasidravyani deep iva

Astrology indicates the time when one should experience good or Bad results. The things which are in darkness can be seen with the help of a light (torchlight, etc). By the same way, with astrological help once can identify the good and bad times and do good karmas accordingly. Astrology will help in this line to Human being.


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